“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

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Times are hard, my friends!
The economy’s tanking and the signs are everywhere you look.  People are losing their jobs, savings, and their homes while Washington bails out everyone but you.  The auto industry got their bailout - so did insurance giants, and the banks definitely got theirs.
While the rich bailout their own and people all over America continue to struggle, the agenda being tabled by our "leaders", conveniently, is health care.  Next, we’ll be talking about immigration, and of course, terrorism and war!
Meanwhile, Republicans are painted as cruel bigots; Democrats derided as senseless, Tea Partyers marginalized as conservative right-wingers and extremists, and the 99 percenters simply ignored.
One Percenters
Here are three easy ground rules you need to accept sooner rather than later. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll be free from a great deal of misery and sorrow and on your way to a life filled with opulence.

Rule Number One: The Ogre is your friend. “The Man” is not. We’ll classify The Man as most media (the internet is still relatively safe), the bank cartels and the corporate aristocracy, and we’ll lump in most politicians for good measure. Accordingly, be skeptical of anything you read and/or hear from MSN to Fox or CNN, and yes, even from your favorite CEO/CFO and your Congressman. Theirs is a different agenda than ours and the two, more often than not, do not coincide!
Rule Number Two: The Man (through the control and manipulation of money) rules the world! In view of this fact, limit your dependence on banks; never trust a politician (in this corrupt economy) and stop immediately relying/trusting politicians - or anyone else for that matter - to solve any of your problems or provide straight answers about anything. This means that banking cartels and a corporate aristocracy are in control of much more than you think; they manipulate everything (even our government officials seemingly “in power”).
Rule Number Three: For you to get ahead in the game of LIFE (and you are playing whether you know it or not) you must first KNOW THE GAME and understand the rules. The first rule of the game is that you are already at a disadvantage and under the current construct/rules, The Man always wins. How much more difficult could any game possibly be if you don’t know and fully understand the rules? The implications of not knowing the game and its rules are obvious: you simply will not win. 

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