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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The New Economy

The new economy is a global economy. If a cheaper labor force in India or China can produce the same widget, guess where the jobs will be?

The President wants you to believe that that's ok because those are the "cheap jobs" - the jobs that nobody in this country wants anyway.  The truth, however, is that as the global economy grows, so too will the expertise and knowledge to churn out better widgets and more streamlined and effective services; and if a cheaper work force in Brazil or Russia can make that happen, guess where the jobs will be?

The simple paradigm is this: Cheap labor wins.

Here at home, the government is paying its contractor work force less while expecting them to do more. It is a squeeze from the top that will surely be felt by the 99%.

As a kid, growing up in Puerto Rico, someone had the foresight to tell me to get into the computer field and I listened.  Now, my hope is that whoever reads this, heeds my words. If you're smart high-tail it to Wall Street. If you want steady employment get into National Security and Defense. Simply put, that is America's business.  It is America's marquee product.

Now, if your not a money manipulator or a government crony BEWARE.  Whether nurse, doctor, carpenter, construction worker or farmer - you will continue to feel the squeeze. That's the new economy.  All around the world.

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  1. With you on that Ogre. But, what if one aspires to become a rapper? Are China and India going to take that over as well because they do it cheaper? Sports and Entertainment are industries still difficult to outsource as well.


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