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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Lesser of Two Evils

I am such a HUGE  fan of Gerald Celente  because not only does he get it right, he expertly  synthesizes information with vivid and precise language that’s succinct!  

Here are some of his tweets – just my favorites – as he tweeted while watching the debate coverage.  And just below that, some poignant words that sum up our choice in November.
  • Obama vs Romney. 16 min into The Presidential Reality Show, these 2 a#*holes haven't answered 1 question asked of them.
  • Romney knows Y jobs come and go. GC: Yeah, I know Y2. Because money junkies like him killed Main Street w/mergers & acquisitions.
  • Proof: Politics is Show Biz 4 ugly people! These 2 wankers keep babbling the same campaign BS lines we've heard 1000 times.
  • It's a tie: Obama & Romney promising 2 open up more free trade! Great! Find more slave labor countries 2 make stuff & then sell it back 2 US
  • Here come the Immigrants. Wars raging, economy crashing, people losing everything & 1 hour of non-stop campaign speeches. Save the whales!
  • 1 hr 25 minutes and all I heard was the same BS these political whores have been selling for over a year. Debate? No! Campaign speeches 
  • Not 1 concrete thing they said will improve the economy & create jobs. Ever hear of NAFTA! Rep/Dems sold us out.
Despite the platitudes and promises each man made, it is perfectly clear neither would do anything more than keep on doing more of the same … just in his own style.

The choice is clear: an empty suit who can’t defend his record and a stuffed shirt with no perceivable plan or strategy. An emperor with no clothes and a vulture capitalist with an insatiable craving for the power of the Presidency.

Whoever wins, WE LOSE. One of these men will soon be the next President of the United States. And the sad part is that with few exceptions, the leaders of other nations are cut from similar psychological cloth.

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