“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Tea Party and 99 Percenters

For the longest time, I had a Tea Party emblem on this website.... and I've been a staunch supporter of the Tea Party from the beginning.  

But something weird if not predictable happened.  The Tea Party was marginalized as the party of the extreme right.  In essence, it became US against DEMS. And that's something I can't support.  Because this isn't about the right or the left; it's not about Democrats or Republicans.  It's about all of us against a corrupt system (THEM, not DEM) that includes crooked and corrupt political figures from both parties, both being controlled by the people who are really in power, the bank cartels. 

Isn’t it ironic how much people continue to suffer under a so-called Socialist agenda? The truth is the "socialist agenda" and the capitalist agenda are in fact the same; the difference is capitalists don’t try to hide it (as much).

Let's get one thing real clear: The 700 billion bailout is paramount to Socialism for the Rich. And the fact that there has been NO re-regulation of the financial services sector since the bailout is very telling:  The Man has the power to block change from either Democrats or Republicans.

People just can’t bring themselves to believe that their Big Government, Nanny State agenda has a huge, gaping flaw. GREED! The same kind of insidious greed that goes unchecked with Republican Presidents and GOP controlled congresses.

Both parties do everything possible to use the Government to force their victims to “hand over your wallet”.
The capitalist will say “I help myself to be able to help you; now, how about you give me 700 Billion?"
The socialist will say “it’s for your own good, now HAND IT OVER”!

The ONLY solution is smaller, weaker, less intrusive Government because no matter WHICH agenda is running the show, we are all subject to theft.

Neither the Dems nor the GOP will do anything to protect the public. They'll always be too busy protecting their own government jobs. The public will continue to lose if this show/production continues.  It's not a political party issue. It's a criminal issue; an honesty issue. Anyone who attempts to blame one party or the other is merely attempting to confuse and distract the voters.

The real pity is that Tea Partiers don't see themselves as part of The 99 percent. It's very sad indeed that people want to marginalize the The 99 Percent as the extreme left.  People, WAKE UP! It's not about left or right; it's about changing a corrupt system of government. At least someone agrees with me.

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