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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Difference bewteen Liberal and Conservative Thinking Styles

 “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil”. Charles Krauthammer

 “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: While conservatives & liberals argue over which is stupid and which is evil; The ruling class gets richer at the expense of the working class”. The Ogre

I admit it; there are stark contrasts in the way that Liberals and Conservatives think.  Conservatives and Liberals don’t just have political differences; they view the world through very different eyes. It’s quite scientific, really.  For an insightful look as to the neuroscience behind it, click here.

The diametrically opposed worldview of the right and the left - some say it's 180 degrees apart - make for some fun debate and ribbing.  But it also makes it possible for an entire populace to be blinded and conned.  As the left and the right bicker, "The Man" keeps getting away with taking from us to fatten his pockets.

Think about this: if both parties are against deficits, wars, reckless (pork) spending - WHY do we have them?

Both parties campaign against deficits, but they create the problem! And let's get this perfectly clear: raising taxes will NEVER solve the real problem – elected officials LOVE debt, deficits, and pork spending on their often-stupid pet projects.

Let's examine not what they say, but what they have done in recent years (even going back 100 years).
  • Republicans and Democrats continue to force taxpayers to fund groups with agendas they don't support. They won't touch non-profits and end the tax-write-off bonanzas for corporations and wealthy individuals, who avoid taxes other taxpayers have to make up.
But here's why neither Republicans nor Democrats have embraced the notion of ending the tax-exempt status of nonprofits: While it could easily be sold as a means to help balance the federal budget and to lessen the tax burden on the middle class, the non-profits (The NBA, NFL, Churches) ARE THEIR FRIENDS!
  • While they pay lip-service to the issue, neither Republicans nor Democrats want to end congressional perks. About five years ago, a study estimated that each congressperson cost taxpayers about $2.5M per year. The cost is likely nearing $4 million today.
  • Democrats and Republicans are known to cringe in fear and start sweating profusely when they hear anything about a serious attempt to replace the income tax code which taxes income with one that taxes spending. Some are known to faint after thinking that they might lose their ability to manipulate the tax code to punish some and reward others. If the present Tax Code were eliminated and the Internal Revenue Service disbanded, the only tax issue before Congress would be deciding what percentage of spending is to be applied as taxes.
There are many more similarities between the two parties.

Of course, what many fail to realize is that as Americans, conservatives and liberals are more alike than different.  We’re all getting fucked whether there’s a Republican or a Democrat in the White House or there’s a Republican or Democratic controlled congress; it’s all irrelevant, as long as we’re arguing about how different the two ideologies are, the crooks on both sides of the aisles are aiding and abetting the bigger crooks that support their cause.  In short, conservatives and liberals support different sides of the same party – The Business Party.

FACT: History has shown that many politicians, Republicans and Democrats, campaign as conservatives, but govern as liberals. That is, they spend, spend, spend.

FACT: Republicans once governed as the party of peace, as opposed to Democrats' penchant for war.

Think, America!

//The Ogre

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