“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am The 99 Percent

I make around $150,000.
I have a moderate 401k, ROTH IRA. (both self-managed)
I drive a BMW; I haven't found it in my heart to trade it in.
I live in a 3,500 square foot 4 bedroom house in the suburbs just 25 minutes from the Washington Beltway.
I have more creature comforts in my home than I have space to list here.
I recently took a Vegas vacation with the wife, enjoying a lovely 2 bedroom timeshare.
I'm sending the kids away to Florida to visit grandma and go to Disney in 2 weeks.

Life is pretty good... or so it seems.

I'm in constant jeopardy of losing that $150k job.
My gambles in the market aren't paying off. Meanwhile, it pains me that the crooked bastards on Wall St. are profiting.
The Bimmer has been costing me a lot of money lately... and it's not even mine yet; it's the banks.
I'm upside down on the house to the tune of about 90k. Yep, bank owns that too.
All the shit I have in my house will overrun the front lawn if the house is ever foreclosed (Thank God I'm not in danger of that yet).
At least I'll always have Vegas memories! God was that fun.

I am The 99 Percent.

Maybe closer to the 30th percentile, or probably even in the first quartile, but still definitely part of the 99 Percent*.

And if you're reading, chances are sky-high that you are part of the 99 percent too.

* (1% margin of error)

//The Ogre

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