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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Next Four Years

The following is the work of Gerald Celente, expert forecaster.  I just read it and thought it was so dead-on accurate that I had to re-post it here.
"While no one can predict precisely what 'The Next Four Years' will bring, given the way the stage is being set, we can forecast with certainty that unless the human spirit rises to meet the challenges to stop, or reverse, the negative trends in motion, many people will be waxing nostalgic for the not-so-good old days of The Last Four Years!
Unfortunately, today, too many human spirits are no more than a passive audience to the geopolitical and socioeconomic drama playing out on the world stage. Either they sit and watch uncritically, or they take sides and cheer on cue for the “good guys” and boo the “bad guys” … oblivious to what the show means, and above all, what it means to them.
One ongoing drama that will capture the world’s attention between now and November 2012 (barring a major unforeseeable disaster, man-made or Mother Nature-made) is America’s “Presidential Reality Show.” While the media is once again promoting the campaign as an “historic” event, the “reality” is that with America’s two-headed, one-party system, nothing historic will happen. Obama or Romney, whoever wins the White House, the public will lose.
Economic issues (absent some wild card catastrophe) will dominate the race. Candidates will make empty vows to cut deficits and create jobs. But, in fact, given their track records, nothing they propose will reverse an economic downtrend in America. And as our new contributor Nomi Prins (noted author and a former managing director at Goldman Sachs) elaborates, in part one of her article, “The Four Phases of Global Depression” the ballyhooed recovery is ephemeral.
Add to the non-recovery, the ongoing wars, new wars in the making and ominous police state crackdowns on restive populations protesting austerity measures and political corruption and you should be able to see the future unfolding in front of your eyes. But many otherwise intelligent people – trapped in fixed ideologies of “my country right or wrong,” “my leader right or wrong,” and “my belief system right or wrong” – refuse to look.

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