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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cornel West is My Hero

Cornel West versus Barack Obama; Main Street (or MLK Ave) versus Wall Street!
Props to Cornel West who’s telling it like it is on his former friend, Barack Obama! The prominent Princeton Professor of African American studies unleashed a barrage of vitriol in large measure, harshly criticizing the man he once supported and campaigned for, calling him “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats” among other things.  Woah! Was the black part really necessary? We all knew he was black but the mascot label is something people really need to grasp.
The fact that the venom included the bit about his RACE diminished the real point.  Thus, people can and will spin this however they want now: “He’s upset and jilted because he didn’t get inaugural tickets” or “Apparently Obama didn’t kiss his ass enough”, etc…   And there is likely some truth to all of that. http://www.thenation.com/blog/160725/cornel-west-v-barack-obama
I mean, most people knew Obama was a Wall Street Mascot as soon as he went along with the 700 billion dollar bailout.  Let’s face it, he sided with Wall Street even before he became President!  Most knew back then what kind of change we could expect from Barack Obama.  In Obama’s defense, had he not made that move – went along to get along - we would never have had a Black President; not as our 44th anyway.  The fact that it took Brother West this long to call him out is the real story here because had Barack been a real agent of change he would have called bullshit on Wall Street somewhere along the way.  Instead, he chose to make health care the national priority as it was ever so clear the economy he inherited was FUBAR and the Wall Street cronies, in collusion with the Big Banks were to blame.   Maybe Brother West was patiently waiting and waiting, and waiting some more, for him to really step up to the plate on some level and show some real authenticity and character.  But it never came.  And we can’t really expect it to come from any other candidate any time soon. 
The bottom line is this:
“The system is rigged against poor and working people and Obama is the head of it.”
West also described the president as “head of the American killing machine and proud of it.”
Those 2 things are truths that NO ONE can rightly dispute.   But now, of course, people will offer debate, based in part because West has attacked Obama as a black man. That’s giving contrarians an angle where none really exists.  And that is really the larger problem in America today.  We talk about bullshit like race and politics – black and white and left and right – when the focus should be solely on right and wrong, good and bad.  Everything gets politicized and spun.   
Props to you Brother West for being on the right side of this fight but hopefully, lesson learned too.
The Revolution ought not be waged because this brother is Black and has let down Black America; the Revolution should absolutely be waged because the Plutocracy America has become is not for the people.

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