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Thursday, May 19, 2011

IMF President screwing over the citizens of the world; gets caught trying to screw maid!

The recent IMF “scandal”, where the President got caught trying to force himself on a maid, has recently made plenty on headlines.  I was listening to NPR (not by choice – I was in someone’s car) and their in-depth analysis was about who might replace him. Most agreed he would have to be European, but from where?

Are you SERIOUS?

The real scandal should be exposing the corruption of the IMF, their money-making schemes, and their fraudulent function!  Not once was there ANY mention on the role of the IMF (Loan Sharks to Dictatorships and puppet governments) or why we have an IMF or ever needed one in the first place.  Instead, this is the bullshit they peddle as “news”.   What a world we live in!
The funniest truth about this story was something I saw in print (courtesy of MSNBC, you can read the bullshit here): The IMF, which plays a key role in efforts to control the European debt crisis,…” The extent of their “Key Role” is that of facilitator to keep nations and their oblivious populace indebted and promote the interests of the super-rich.
I encourage you to read about the IMF, The World Bank, and the Central Banking conglomerate known as our Federal Reserve.  Study them all and form your own perspective because one thing is for certain: you cannot count on any form of Big Media to provide you any form of real analysis. 

//The Ogre.

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