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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Class Wars!

I subscribe to the theory that there are really 4 classes
1. The Uber Rich Banking Class - "old money", Morgan's, Rothchild, Members of The Fed. These are the folks (behind the steel curtain) that are really running the country, making their puppets in the Congress and elsewhere do their bidding.

2. The Business Elite - Carlos Slim, Billy Gates, Buffet, Mark Cuban, Empresario of The Year du-jour

3. The Rich Working Class (Obama, Oprah, the Hollywood crowd, Lottery Winner XYZ, Insert-your-favorite-Democrat here :-))

4. Everybody else (with the Congress assholes between 3 and 4)

And it all boils down to this: When class 4 wakes up to smell the coffee and realizes the extent of the ass reaming they're being subjected to by class #1 with help from some prominent members of the trickling classes below then maybe something will happen. But the haze of bipartisan bullshit makes this reality so cloudy that people argue "politics" all the time (i.e. us versus Dems) when it is really ALL OF US (class 4, Dems and Republicans alike) versus them - the big assholes who are the ones that are really promoting their own "special interest", aided by their own paid Army, The Media! CASH rules everything; just follow the money to smell the bullshit. Simple class warfare. And as the rich continue to squeeze the little guy, maybe they're too far removed from the streets to realize that when people lose everything, they lose it.

//The Ogre


  1. I've given this whole "rich bankers actually control everything; there is no right vs. left" theory a lot of thought... Although I agree that the uber-rich have significant influence (vertically), they still don't control how you or I vote. We do still have a quasi-democratic form of govt, so we can theoretically elect those least likely to be corrupted (tea-party type's come to mind). So, the uber-rich may control many corrupt politicians and business leaders, but they can't control the masses (let's just say no one has offered me millions to support redistributing others income at the point of a gun). The bigger problem (horizontal) in my view is indeed the diametrically opposed world view of the right and the left (some people argue that those so called "independents" are actually not so much "independent" as they are lost, uninformed, unwilling to take a stand, wishy-washy rubes, who think elections are popularity contests). The left and right's worldview are 180 degrees off regarding things like national sovereignty, what's evil and what isn't, the welfare state, the role of gov't in our lives, etc. Oh, and I don't see us coming together on a common perspective anytime soon. We were closer 30 yrs ago, but after 30 yrs of left-wing indoctrination in our cities public schools, the majority of the next generation has been totally brainwashed. (I went to a small country school so I missed out on the "indoctrination" - all I got was an education.)

    Bottom line. We can talk and talk about this stuff until we're blue in the face. Will we change any minds. Not likely. It's really quite discouraging.

  2. I like the email! I agree that there are diametrically opposed views shared by the right and the left (and that these are significant and substantive), but those views SHOULD NOT prevent the cooperation necessary to stop the ass reaming that’s invariably felt by young and old, Republican and Democrat, and caused by the Rich MFers who are really running things. I maintain that it’s class warfare veiled as political wrangling. People have a hard time seeing this - we're all getting fucked. The rich don't care about ideology; they care simply about power, dominance/absolute control and retaining their position of authority. And while these rich and supremely powerful men can’t control how we vote, they can and do control who we vote for so that the choice ends up being between asshole 1 and asshole 2. Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist or fill-in-the-blank but I absolutely believe “The Man” has a vetting process and only those that fit the “play-along-to-get-along” mold need apply, unless they want a bullet in their brain (Lincoln, JFK – both of whom fought for honest money). I also maintain that they control (to a far greater extent than most realize) what we see on the telly and read in the papers, and will soon (through the FCC) take bolder measures to control the internet. Yep, it’s discouraging alright and the duplicity is alarming but what I believe is that the clowns on MSNBC are actually conspiring with our friends at Fox because “The Man” controls both outfits and is actually manipulating both to feed us the same message (only difference is how you hear it). This demagoguery is precisely what The Man relies on to keep our eyes off the prize! Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that I don’t think some so-called Independents aren’t wishy-washy and don’t know which side of the fence to sit on but when I think of an “Independent” I don’t think centrist, I think critical thinker and this is exactly what I think we’re going to need more of if we little guys are to survive the impending global implosion. To avert the coming crisis (The Greatest Depression), we need a critical mass – the 20% solution of like minded people that can see through the bullshit of what’s right in front of them. All labels aside (Dem, Rep, whatever), it is the intellectually bereft and terminally gullible that are going to keep arguing their points about political ideology while their wallets get lighter. And, to your point, both the left and the right can argue for centuries to come “till we’re blue in the face” and nothing will change. And in the end, what are we really arguing about? Bullshit. We need honest money, period, end of story! You know why we don't have honest money? Because the Man has control beyond measure (on both sides of the political aisle). “And the truth shall set you free…”


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