“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There is No Spoon

One of the reasons I love the movie The Matrix is because the parallels to our pathetic existence are so cleverly and accurately drawn.

Keanu Reeves plays Neo, a computer programmer who is awakened to a completely new reality. He wakes up to realize that he and all of the people he’s ever known are actually slaves purposefully kept “alive” as a source of power to feed a machine known as The Sentinel. And that the “life” he’s always known has been fed to him as a virtual reality program through a feed directly plugged in to his brain. While Neo believes he’s a computer programmer by day and part-time hacker by night, he’s really nothing more than a comatose prisoner in a vat, kept in this docile, passive condition through purposeful and systematic methods.

Morpheous, the man who awakens him to this new reality, is a person regarded by the authorities as a terrorist or “enemy of the state”. When he unplugs Neo from The Matrix, Neo is flushed from his vat and transported to a real, much uglier world. Here, Neo instantly recognizes the extent of the manipulation he’s been subjected to – that, like a puppet, he’s been handled his whole life - and while it’s hard to believe it, it can’t be denied and the gravity of this revelation makes him sick to his stomach.

Once unplugged from The Matrix, Neo begins to really LEARN, through a series of training, how to have real influence and wield power in the real world by manipulating the system – jumping impossible distances and even dodging bullets!

After his initial training, he’s taken to see The Oracle – an old lady who can foretell events. Morpheus wants to know if Neo is "The One", the person that can not only awaken more humans but effectively liberate mankind. Here, there are others waiting to see The Oracle; mainly kids, not sitting idly but exercising supernatural mind control. Neo is seen paying special attention to a boy bending a spoon with the power of his mind. But Neo, being of this world and still holding on to archaic beliefs, fails to grasp how the boy can bend the spoon with such ease. In perhaps the most important and unforgettable line of the movie, the boy calmly explains, “There is no spoon”. This emboldened statement suggests we ought not be bound by what our eyes can see, what our ears hear, or even by what we feel. After all, looks can be deceiving, words can be deceptive, and feelings are fleeting and ephemeral; thus, they can’t be trusted and we shouldn’t be led by our feelings. How telling!

Now, if you haven’t already made the connections, I’m here to help.

You are a slave. You work and pay your taxes because that is the will of extremely powerful influences. It is the existence you have been programmed to belief you should serve. You are continually fed information by the MEDIA (whether Fox, CNN, or NBC) whose “reports” are paid for by the uber rich and well connected to tell you precisely what they want you to hear. Believe it.

Anyone who tries to speak against The Man (the System, The Establishment, Status Quo) is regarded as unpatriotic, a dissenter and nonconformist. Even Churches– establishments that should exist to check injustice and unfairness at every turn – rarely, if ever, offer discourse that might be construed as dissenting, rebellious, or even slightly non-conformist. They “sell” the promise of a brighter day and the idea that “God is in control”. This completely passive approach to “teaching” is no accident. (Teaching, after all, is about asking questions and drawing parallels.)

The System has ways of squashing dissenting voices. The IRS grants the power to do business as a 5013c and they can easily take it away. The media invariably marginalize dissenting voices (Tea Partiers are prime example right now) as fanatics and extremists. The System works to silence Presidents, overthrow governments, buy votes, and rig elections.

In order to truly get ahead of the bailout crisis and stay ahead of the Master Manipulators you have to first acknowledge that the wool is being pulled over your eyes! You must wake up to a new reality.

There are greed filled men whose bottom line is to expand their profit margins. They control EVERYTHING – from what you watch on the tube (regardless of the channel) to what you hear at your place of worship. Your Congressmen, Senators and President are manipulated by these men because, like I said, they control EVERYHING. They even control what you eat and the medicines you’re allowed to take.

There is hope, however. Once you wake up to realize you’ve always been a puppet – like almost everyone else – you can retrain your senses and fine tune your intellect so that you’re able to dodge the bullets continually slung in your direction and work the System instead of letting yourself be worked over.

I’m NOT here to tell you how this thing is gonna end. I only hope you choose to let it begin.

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