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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Restoring American Financial Stability

I’ve been away from this bloggin’ thing for a while. I used the timeshare (I know: terrible financial move on my part) to take the family away for a week and I’ve settled into a sluggishness that’s been hard to break away from ever since.

What’s more, I recently went back to work after nearly a four month hiatus and all I feel like doing is lounging on the couch. As I type this, I’m watching Ray Allen kill the Miami Heat. I haven’t even checked my personal email in a full week!

But, you know what? The reason I can’t do that – the reason I can’t enjoy the comforts of a 3500 sq foot house (that I don’t yet own) and a 75 in HDTV (that I just paid off, phew!) is that I’m 100% convinced that our elected officials are in collusion with the people that are really running things in this country – the banking cartel known as The Fed - to continually screw with us, strip our liberties, and expand their bottom line.

I turn around for a second and they’re trying to shove this piece of shit (otherwise known as Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010) down our throats.

This piece of crafty legislation being pushed through by my home state Senator, Christopher Dodd, is nothing more than carte blanche for The Fed – PRIVATE BANKERS – to continue to bail THEMSELVES out with OUR MONEY. Now, you’ll notice (if you open the link) this is from the Tea Party. Yes, the TEA PARTY! Think what you want but I’ve come to the conclusion that this bunch is a well organized lot with the right ideals… mainly, that the government exists to SERVE THE PEOPLE, not itself. The media, however, predictably marginalize the movement as a bunch of quacks – wacked out extremists, radicals, or worse yet, dumb racists!

Continue to read and watch the propaganda spewed by The Man’s army, the Media, or wake up, start thinking for yourself and GET IN THE GAME.

I implore you to do the latter.

Restoring American Financial Stability means LIMITING THE POWER OF THE FED, not expanding it!! Open your eyes.

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