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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Uncommon Wisdom

Playing the markets is simply gambling, albeit informed gambling. The basis of investing is that you can make money by doing nothing. Yet this is exactly how the very rich have created and continue to pad their wealth. Trillions of cheaply borrowed dollars are used by banks to gamble and generate untold loot, creating massive capital. Meanwhile, the working people whose money is being borrowed, with neither the inclination nor the skills to play – much less win – games dominated by these high frequency and inside traders are left out in the cold. This same lot (you and me), while never directly profiting from any of the gains are left to pay for the losses in the form of government mandated bailouts! F that!
As Opulent Ogres we have to commit to gambling – NOT on lottery tickets or blackjack games – on the stock market.
That we should actively gamble, not save or make passive investments for the long term, is completely counter to every logical bone in the body because that’s exactly what you and I have been sold on. After all, gambling is gambling and returns are not guaranteed. And just because you’re buying into a solid company with a solid track record, past performance can’t guarantee future returns.
You may not yet think of yourself an investor (gambler) but all you have to do is look at the writing on the wall – open you God given eyes – to see what every central banker and crooked politician in the world already recognize as truth: The only way out of the massive pile of debt that governments around the world are under is for the dollar and every other major currency to plunge in value.
This means the purchasing power of our money will continue to dwindle until it completely shrinks. Accordingly, the prices of the most basic goods and services will soar and traditional lame-duck savers will be left in the dust as the value of their cash implodes. 401ks, IRAs, and Mutual Funds will be FUBAR (technical term) in the very near future.
Ogres have to protect themselves by taking control of their own investments immediately. But what do we gamble on? How do we even play The Man’s game?!
I stumbled upon some Uncommon Wisdom as I continued to read more and more about the declining dollar, our nation’s history, the global economy (central banking and the G-7 nations), and the flat out exploitation of the little guy to fatten The Man’s bottom line.
Basically, this “uncommon wisdom” goes something like this:
FDR’s debt solution (confiscating gold then raising gold prices by decree) is a trick that’s been used by almost every country on the planet. Just study your history! It was used repeatedly in ancient Rome. And it’s been used in Brazil, Russia, Argentina, France, Australia, England, and in many other countries since the 1940s.
Logic follows that The Fed and Obama will decide to cease all gold sales (think they won’t?), then they’ll raise the current official central bank price of gold from its booked value to a price that monetizes a large enough portion of the world’s outstanding debts. That way, just like in 1933, the debts become a fraction of artificially reinflated asset prices.
The key thing to take note of is that paper money is not to be looked at as an asset! Our money is not backed by anything except more worthless paper (treasury notes). By contrast, real wealth is measured in tangible things – consumables – that people everywhere need to survive, not dollars and cents. In fact, real wealth is the exact opposite of the feeble, high-debt, smoke and mirrors BS companies that Wall Street loves to pitch.
Thus, logic dictates that stability in these highly volatile times can only come from companies that are grounded in industries producing, mining, refining, and/or developing ways to more effectively produce, mine, and refine NATURAL RESOURCES like water, oil, and other energy products, industrial metals, and even precious metals.
The Ogre’s counter: Gamble on Natural Reources!
I urge you to read this and act according to your good conscience. Be opulent.

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