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Monday, March 22, 2010

How Chess REALLY Imitates the Game of Life

After playing a recent match with my 11 year old son (who still can’t be beat me) I thought it would be cool to write a primer of how the 5000 year old game of chess – truly the best game in the world –imitates life, from the Ogre’s perspective.

The King – Even in places where there are kings, it’s not about the king or his “kingdom”. It’s not about presidents or Heads of State either. Obama or “name-your-president” are really puppets or, much like a real king, merely a symbol of power. This is simultaneously the weakest piece on the board and the most important. Think of this piece as CASH money instead of a mythical King; after all, CASH is king, right?

The Queen – This is absolutely, without question, the single most important piece on the board. Go ahead… take a guess. This piece has absolute power. It can move in ANY direction and has a L O N G reach, capable of moving from one end of the board to the other in a single turn. Here’s a hint: “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild
Undoubtedly, the Queen is the Central Bank. Our Central Bank – a conglomerate of private banks - is ironically known as “The Fed”. These are really the most powerful men in the game. These men, with Ben Bernanke as their front man, control the money and their aim in not only to protect their bottom line – money – but to make more of it thereby extending the limits of their power.

The Bishop – The influence of the church can’t be understated, particularly in this country more so than say, New Zealand, because it is a place where norms are continually reinforced. As an adherent to the word of God, you must exercise complete faith in all matters you can’t control; there’s also the promise of a brighter day – the rapture.
The separation of church and state is a fallacy in a place where the establishment imprints the words “In God we Trust” on their currency. Yet, the church get’s cut off if it mentions one thing from the pulpit that contradicts The System. Didn’t God warn us that “money is the root of all evil”? A paradox indeed, yet directly to the left of the Queen and the right of the king, there stand the bishops.

The Knight – This isn’t your typical soldier, airman, sailor, or marine. Nor is it the force of their combined might. The people that serve our great Nation in our military are really pawns on this chessboard. The knight is a highly educated, wealthy, and typically very well connected and highly regarded man. These are men of some means. Think of this piece as General Patraeous or General Schwarzkopf before him, and the men that make up the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the preeminent source of knowledge when the Queen wants to know what she’s dealing with (although she’ll fund both sides )! Interestingly enough this is an incredibly tactical piece.

The Rook – Every piece on the board plays the game “in the box”, under the guise of some rules/construct. The rook (or the castle’s walls) represents the government/administration/regime/command/leadership, as appointed by the Queen, the real authority. The rook dominates the box, reaching all the way across the board in either direction – north and south or east and west. Accordingly, the rooks are placed at the ends of the board with every other game piece between either rook. Notably, however, the rook can only be effective if the paws get out of the way. See, whereas the knight can sidestep or, more accurately, jump over the pawns to make its move, the rook, like every other piece, is itself boxed in without the pawns clearing some space on the board. The further away the pawns move from these dominant pieces, the more room the pieces have to dominate.

The Pawns – The rules stipulate that these guys can only move in one direction – like a hamster on a treadmill, forward – unless it is to overtake another piece on the board. Then, like the bishop, the pawn can overtake another piece by executing its move diagonally, thus effectively veering of its path (scary!) while still moving forward. If a pawn can successfully make it to the other side of the board, the pawn is “crowned” and can choose among ANY of the pieces previously overtaken by his opponent.

So goes the game of Life. Like pawns on a chessboard, the people of this country have allowed distractions (“I want my MTV”, Snugglie, BMW, etc.) strategically put in place to move them away from their government so the government becomes continually more self serving – bigger, more powerful, looking after its own interests - and less concerned with serving the people’s needs. Like pawns, people are assiduously striving to move forward (with blinders) while the government, at every turn, continues to make it more difficult so that pawns lack the benefit of any real strategic advantage.

Take note that in the game of chess, the pieces are valued thusly, according to the measure of their strategic value (from most strategic to least): The Queen (the Money monopolizers), The Rook (the government that we pay for), The Bishop (the church which serves to comfort the pawns and reinforce the status quo), The Knight (the men to whom the Queen looks to for her strategic edge), and The Pawn (you and I).

We the People/pawns MUST make certain to begin to take the reins of OUR government from those in our congress and senate who, without proper direction, will continue to push the Queen’s agenda. Like pawns on a chessboard, we should ensure we’re organized strategically so as one gets gobbled up by The Man, another pawn is waiting to overtake the opponent’s piece. There are power in numbers, my friends. Now, how are you going to play?

The Ogre.

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