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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honesty in Politics? Honestly?

Glen Beck recently got a lot of pub by calling out the GOP, saying the party is “addicted to spending and big government”. And kudos to Glen for calling his party out on that. But really, someone needs to explain how that’s a Republican problem and not an American problem spanning the entire political gamut or better yet an enduring crisis endemic across the “industrialized nations” and globally interconnected governments and economies.

Why did Glen and ostensibly everyone else in The Man’s media neglect to frame the issue from "an honest broker perspective"?

There is absolutely no honesty in politics much less the “news” brought to us by The Man's media because there’s absolutely no profundity let alone real analysis. It is all marginalized (MSNBC for Democrats, Fox for the Republicans, and CNN for the pseudo intellectual) and dumbed-down for our viewing and listening pleasure. This is exactly why the internet must be protected at all cost.

Big Media can certainly cover the latest winter storm, sending out a slew of reporters to brave the elements, talk to panicked commuters and go to the supermarkets to report on food and supply shortages. But what they won’t cover exhaustively is the confluence of emerging government and business policies – real and hard hitting current events across the globe that affect countless lives.

Maybe the sordid marriage between government and big business (a union that can best be described as Socialism for the rich) is less beguiling than the fatuous stories of same sex marriage in the District of Columbia and beyond. After all, they have to bring us what sells - right? - whatever they think you and I want to hear? Or maybe it’s that that’s all they’re good at – humdrum “reporting”.

But why? Why is it that every news outlet, from CNN to Fox, can only be counted on to bring us predictable conventional wisdom that’s conveniently in line with virtually all government positions, in one way or another, from war and terror to economic, foreign, and health care policy?

The political game of us versus them is simply another smoke screen; just another way to keep us entertained. And now, as if the Democrat and Republican infighting weren’t enough, another faction in being brought into the fold, the Tea Party. What’s this? Disgruntled Libertarians? Bring ‘em on! If there’s one thing America needs, its more people that question The System, think for themselves, and act on their good conscience. Glen Beck, take heed.

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