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Friday, March 19, 2010

America’s War on Terror

America has gotten itself into another endless war against another indomitable opponent – TERROR.

As a Navy veteran and government defense contractor of nearly 17 years, I suppose I should be thankful that in this bleak economy I’m firmly entrenched in the recession proof business of war.

It strikes me as more than a little odd, however, that people other than those directly profiting from this “business”, like ME, are filled with such unabashed patriotism as a result of these futile wars. It may not seem that long ago but it’s been nearly 7 years since the invasion of Iraq for WMDs that still haven’t been recovered.

Osama bin Laden? Nope. He hasn’t turned up either but we’ve gotten some of his cronies and that’s promising news because, predictably, we can keep fighting the good fight, bringing our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters a real chance at freedom.

That’ll take a while, though, because our mission in that region has inspired a resurgent Al Qaeda and helped strengthen a stubbornly immovable Taliban resistance. Even Gorbachev (with the benefit of 10 years of experience in country) has never believed in a viable military solution since their abject failure there, advising we should withdraw rather than prepare to bring in additional troops. But what the hell does he know?

A viable solution (for those in power) might well be another scenario (like Russia’s Afghanistan and our own Vietnam) with no successful conclusion, only increasingly bloody conflict that would rile up the American base and the terrorist insurgency. You see, this way your faithful servant keeps getting paid and America falls asleep feeling a little safer (hopefully).

Eisenhower warned us of what he called the great Military Industrial Complex – the confluence of America’s military, America’s government, and the hugely profitable business that is America’s defense – back in 1961 in his farewell address to the nation. The number of conflicts since then seems to indicate his “goodbye” may have fallen on deaf ears.

Now, I’m not saying that America’s defense is not something to be protected at ALL cost; her defense is a very worthwhile cause indeed for which I would still WILLINGLY SACRIFICE my own life a thousand times over. But the enemy we must fight is the enemy from within - these corrupt and corruptible men and women that make up our House and Senate whose strings are continually pulled by unforeseen Men (behind a seemingly impenetrable iron curtain) – the rulers of us all… the Central bankers.

Get ready for a fight America, because this is the only fight right now that’s worth having. And as our sons and daughters continue to come back dead or maimed, and the talk in Washington shifts from Healthcare to God knows what, let’s be more resolute to fight the good fight lest we forget that our own freedoms are really worth fighting, indeed dying for. And fight we must.

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