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Monday, March 15, 2010

America's Health Care Debate

Opulence means nothing without sound health. Napoleon Hill, the father of personal success literature, acknowledged as much by putting “Positive Mental Attitude” and “Sound Physical Health” at the top of his list of things that make men and women truly rich. Mr. Hill’s philosophy has stood the test of time because his logic makes perfect sense. Note how he purposefully puts mental health before physical health.

This basic truth: that a positive mental attitude should come first is utterly important in light of the consequences of being overworked, overburdened, overtaxed, under-exercised, and malnourished.

For many Americans, the taxing daily grind can bring problems that mount quickly. Problems like eating poorly, smoking, lack of physical activity, and undue stress that invariably manifest themselves in a variety of ways – from full blown addictions to anxiety and depression. The ensuing ailments (diabetes, cancer, arthritis) then become an even greater burden to everyone as taxpayers wind up splitting the sunk cost of the “remedy”. From this standpoint, it’s easy to see that something needs to be done about sky-rocketing health care costs.

Obama has made it his personal mission to get health care coverage to all Americans – even those that may not want it – at more affordable costs. An altruistic goal, perhaps. But all this talk about health care reform is incredibly pointless because, yet again, the Western world is treating the symptoms and not the cause.

To start with, Americans as a whole are too fat. Check any of the numbers out there to see that around a third of American adults fall into the obese category and another third are just overweight. A quarter of Americans are smokers and many more are exposed to the harmful effects of second hand smoke. Numbers that aren’t as easy to come by are the number of Americans that actually spend time on a treadmill or at a track walking or doing any type of resistance training. Recent poll numbers suggest that as many as 7 out of 10 Americans don’t exercise regularly. The aforementioned stats can be verified by the Center for Disease Control http://www.cdc.gov/.

It doesn’t take a medical expert to know that malnourishment, lack of exercise, and smoking is a toxic prescription for ill health with corollary ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Yet health care reform debates – on either side - have NOT addressed any of these obvious factors! Could it be that politicians don’t want to offend? Or could it be that everyone profits but YOU when you’re fat and totally unhealthy? Pushing cigarettes and tobacco is big business; so is the production of overly processed, nutrition deficient “food”. And let’s not forget the health care industry itself! Big Tobacco, Big Food, Big Pharma and their Big Lobbies all making sure that politicians’ purses and your waistlines stay BIG. So, as you continue to stuff your face with “food” specifically engineered, priced, and marketed to keep you FAT, smoke a chemically-made KNOWN carcinogen proven addictive and deadly, and remain abstinently committed to physical inactivity, those who actually eat right, exercise, and say no to tobacco pay dearly for those who don’t. And so the gravy train of these corporate giants keeps chugging along while the little guys get the shaft. Meanwhile, there’s outrage (exacerbated by media coverage) from people maddened by the fact that their tax dollars are being used to provide health care for “illegals” when perhaps that outrage should be directed at the Too-Big-and-unhealthy-for-their-own-good that drive the costs of health care through the roof.

“Currently, it costs 36 percent more to provide medical care, and 77 percent more to provide medication to an obese person than to a “normal weight” person – and the whole system pays for it. Heart disesase, diabetes, cancer and twelve of the fifteen most dollar intensive diseases are strongly attributable to obesity.” – Gerald Celente (from Trend Joural Vol. XVIII) Even the CDC says American society has become “obesogenic”, describing a society that “promotes increased food intake, non-healthful foods and physical inactivity.”

We need LIFESTYLE reform and government reform, not “healthcare” reform; not right now anyway. Only when more Americans commit to a Positive Mental Attitude – by really thinking for themselves - can we hope to begin to wake up to the fact that Big Government is pulling the wool over our eyes, keeping us distracted from those things that really matter – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit.

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