“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Revolution

“Fortune Favors The Bold” - Virgil

The secret war on the dollar that’s being waged by Barack Obama and his Fed chief, Ben Bernanke, will have great casualties. I have no doubt. My greatest ambition is to fight and help lessen those casualties by passing along what I know when I learn it. Rest assured I’m in this war with you strapped with nothing but debts (in excess of $400 thousand) and the willingness to survive. I believe that if I can escape what’s coming relatively unscathed then so might you.

No one goes to war without a battle plan. So, here’s where we’re gonna get into the meat of how to start tackling this thing both from a defensive and offensive (read Ogre-like) posture.

1.First, we have to get the word out and begin adopting an “each one, teach one” mentality. This must be an ongoing activity – at work, at home, at the game. We must look to inform other people in our lives at every opportunity of some very vital things:

a. Don’t trust anyone. If you believe that MSNBC, FOX, Bloomberg, The Post or The Times have YOUR best interests in mind, you are mistaken. It is up to YOU and YOU alone to discern fact from fiction.

b. There’s a shit-storm (technical term) on the horizon of biblical proportion with severe consequences for the ill prepared.

2. Next, send a big F-U to the banks. If you’re banking with any of the big guys – Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wachovia, SunTrust, Wells Fargo - let them go. Personally, I ditched Bank of America in favor of Navy Federal Credit Union.

3. Start thinking. Start doing. Read. And become an active observer, contributor, player, and partaker. In short, GET IN THE GAME.

a. If you’re not actively trying to stick it to The Man by MAKING SOME MONEY you’re NOT in the game; You’re simply existing, on life support (needing the dollars YOU have to generate or worse, relying on credit to survive). This paycheck to paycheck existence is nonsensical yet it’s the routine we’re meant to carry out. The Man’s game is investing and you and I are forced to play his game.

b. Change your mindset from that of a passive investor (401k, IRA, Money Market Accounts and high yield savings) to active investing. As scary, twisted, and unnatural as this may sound, it means gambling on the markets but particularly the stock market. To do this you have to learn to be critical thinker, connect the dots, and follow the money; NOT by deferring to financial advice from Dave Ramsey, Suzy Orman, Bloomberg News or Whoever T. Fool but by actively and persistently peeling back the onion of truth until You smell it and it makes you cry. When YOU and I do our homework diligently and gamble intelligently we can stick it to The Man and simultaneously enrich our lives, going from renters to real owners.

The biggest regret I have (and I make it a point not to have many) is falling for The Man’s trap of getting into excessive debt. Thus, I’m stuck having to make a real leap of faith – that I’ll come out better by gambling in the market than I will pushing ALL of money to get rid of my debt. Yet, that’s exactly the choice I think should be made; it’s the wise choice and here’s why:

By opening up a “share builder” account I’m opening myself up to the reality that this is how wealth is made – gambling. Not only through stock ownership but real ownership, investing in ourselves by forming our own companies, if for nothing else than to form tax shelters, effectively setting is up to steal another page out The Man’s book. The lame-ass passive approach, the Fidelity and Charles Schwab way (among others), sells us on the “down the road”, “stay the course” tactic. So, as we settle in for the long-haul, following conventional investment wisdom that would net us “a nice retirement” at 65, these investment houses, just like the banks, are taking the money we’re giving them and GAMBLING like there’s no tomorrow.

Many other critical rules for getting ahead of the bailout crisis will be presented but adopting the aforementioned principles - thereby effecting a revolution of the mind – is critical.

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