“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is this still a Democracy?

I’ve found many credible sources in the short time I’ve researched this; folks that share the general opinion, in some form, that our government is in collusion with the central bankers to protect the interests of the uber rich.

I find the more credible sources of information follow the money and monetary policy, NOT politics, because one rules the other. To put it plainly, Big Business is the Government and the Government is Big Business. We just aren’t the bastion of free market capitalism anymore. Instead, 21st century America has become its polar opposite. Depending upon the definition applied to this sordid marriage of Government and Business, it may be seen as Socialist or Fascist; what it most certainly is not is Capitalist or Democratic. In a truly capitalist and democratic republic we wouldn’t be bailing out Citigroup to the tune of 150 billion and a slew of other corporate giants – all of them crooks – by getting raped out of another 700 billion.

Again I say: This is either Socialism for the rich or a Fascist dictatorship where unseen, ultra-powerful men behind an impenetrable steel curtain control everything. But a capitalist republic with democratic principles? Who are we kidding?

After Washington’s 150 billion bailout of Citi¬group, President Bush proclaimed: “We’ve made these kind of decisions in the past, we made one last night and if need be, we’re going to make these kind of deci¬sions to safeguard our financial systems in the future.”

Yet every decision made by the government to partner with a corporate behemoth tied to Wall Street has been made without the consent and/or was against the wishes of the public — the people forced to pay for it!

Here’s the replay:
1.We’re gonna tax your paycheck, your food, your land, your clothes, alcohol and cigarettes – everything - and most of it will go to service a debt we owe to a private cartel of bankers… The Fed.

2.We’re going to take the money they give us (created out of nothing, backed by nothing) – Money that you’re already paying for - and “pump that money back into the economy” by giving it to the banks to hold on to! The Fed *big bank* will then tell your little bank when to lend it, to whom, and under what conditions.

3. To really get the economy going though we’re going to need you to spend so we’ll see if we can’t find creative ways for you to do that. What else are you paying us for, right?

4. Small businesses can fail – that’s expected; but big businesses can’t, so we’re going to have to tax you just a little bit more and find more ways to squeeze you.

What kind of gangster killer shit is that? That’s how the World is ruled; with powerful bankers controlling EVERYTHING. When Friedman says “the world is flat” he’s absolutely right. This thing is being carried out on a global scale.

My sincerest hope (and most fervent prayer) is that more Americans wake up to this reality.

“Convoluted plans floated by expert economists, pundits, and politicians to somehow steer the economy back to “normal” are unattainable and deeply destructive. UNATTAINABLE because it’s impossible to sustain a system based upon perpetu¬ally borrowing more money than is being earned to buy goods and services. And it is deeply destructive to extol excessive consumption as a virtue. At its most obvious level it is based upon the fraudulent philosophy that the more you buy, the happier you are. On its most profound level it seduces humanity away from engaging in what is genuinely creative, productive and nourishing; it dehumanizes.” – Gerald Celente

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