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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Change we can believe in?

If you’re holding out hope that Obama can fix the economy or worse yet, if you believe some of the talking heads that tell you we’re coming out of this recession, you’re not paying attention or simply grasping at straws.

It was Fed finagling, Washington deregulation and Wall Street’s compulsive gambling that created the crisis. To trust or to seriously consider pronouncements, analyses and predictions made by any of these sources is an exercise in willful self-deception.

To be sure, this is an infinitely larger problem than Obama is capable of fixing. And if he were going to truly attempt a fix, he would have said NO to a taxpayer subsidized bailout of a Wall Street Giant.  However, had he done that he wouldn't have gotten himself elected (The Man would not have allowed it); and should he opt to take such a stance now, he’s likely to get himself shot like Kennedy. I highly doubt he’ll take that chance.

That his promises are still taken at face value by the general public is as understandable as it is sad. It’s understandable that people should cling to hope when losing jobs, investments, having their homes foreclosed, facing foreclosure and drowning in debt.

It’s also sad that people would pin their hopes on the Democratic party that shares responsibility with the Republicans for this economic calamity and so many of the nation’s ills. And it’s sad that people are so gullible as to believe Obama’s nothing more than a politician - his political mastery, by the way, is undeniable. But political success depends more upon sleight-of-hand and deception than integrity and a determination to honor declared principles. We know this to be true since the days of Rome.

Obama’s post-election actions betray his words and prove the hollowness of his slogans, “Change We Can Believe In” and “Change We Need.” Just days after elected, he began assembling an inner circle of advisors and cabinet members each with impeccable “No Change” credentials.

With few exceptions, they are Clinton-era refugees and DC insiders – old boy/old girl party members – the very same Washington cronies Obama promised to run out of town!

Yet his appointments were greeted with rare bipartisan applause and high praise across the broad media spectrum.

Really, does this sound like change we can believe in to you?

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