“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Friday, January 29, 2010

Why The Rich are Getting Richer

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
- Henry David Thoreau.

I need YOU to READ THIS ARTICLE because I could not have expressed Why The Rich are Getting Richer any clearer. And neither could Robert Kiyosaki, Suzy Orman, or “Insert Your Favorite Money-Guru here”.

But let’s really define rich. Dave Chappelle joked that he went to some underground Hollywood party where all the butlers and maid staff were pasty white, wearing pearly thousand dollar smiles, dressed in the latest Italian fashion, flashing Rolex watches and all the accoutrements signaling great wealth. He said he knew then what rich was. I suggest that he still doesn’t have a clue.

The kind of wealth I’m talking about makes Bill Gates and Carlos Slim look like welfare cases. I’m talking about wealth beyond measure, the kind that can come only from the labor of the masses – people like you and me: mortgage holders, debtors, and tax payers – and compounded daily!

There is such a group of people - you just don’t know any. Collectively, I refer to them as The Man and their lineage is one deeply rooted in the banking industry. They bear last names like Rothschild and Rockefeller and operate in the shadows, clandestinely. I bet no one with either of those last names has had the privilege to go to school with you or work beside you. Hmmm.

These groups of “bankers” have control beyond measure because they control the cash, regulating its value and debasing the currency at their whim. And if they control our cash and have the keys to our economy, what else do they control? Everything - From what our kids watch on TV to what we read in the papers. Believe it.

Our Central Bank, The Federal Reserve, is a privately held company, a conglomerate of multinational banks whose bottom line, with Ben Bernanke as their recently confirmed frontman, is to expand their margins and retain their control. Coincidentally, they’ve never been audited.

“Name Your Favorite President” is merely a historical footnote, a puppet really, when you consider that all presidents have been marching to the beat The Man’s been playing since 1913, the Fed’s inception. Clinton may have balanced the federal budget and actually reduced the deficit during his presidency  but that is inconsequential when you consider that overall, the deficit has and will continue to increase! Kind of like four steps forward and thirty steps back. That’s because inflation, under our current economic construct is an absolute certainty. The Senate, by the way, just voted to increase the Federal Debt Limit. What a surprise! The Man’s pockets are very, very deep and his influence ubiquitous. The problems that we face aren’t Obama’s; they’re not McCain’s. Politicians are hooked up. These problems are yours and mine to bear. The media continually frames such things (taxes, inflation, government spending) as partisan issues to distract you, entertain you, and keep you disengaged from reality. You have Fox spewing one opinion, MSNBC spewing another and CNN “bringing you the news that matter”. Think about this: If both Democrats and Republicans are against “pork spending”, high taxes, etc., why do we have them? Our personal freedoms are being stripped and our wealth (what little you and I have) systematically pilfered because The Man will have it no other way.
I urge you to read more. Get angry. And get in the fight!

The Fed is a Private company - A little long but I implore you to get through it, take notes, and fact check.
Citizens Against Government Waste
Tenth Amendment Center

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