“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Proper Mindset

Anything we do requires the proper mindset, or so we’ve been told. That’s why so much of the Amway hustle involves a continuous I-think-I-can “brainwash” via tape or seminar. And it’s why the motivational industry is a billion dollar industry that continually spawns some other offshoot like “life coaching” or “business mentoring”. It’s also why people are actually making hundreds of thousands of dollars right now by flashing pearly white megawatt smiles (wouldn’t you?), slowing the pace to convey their sincerity, and telling a capacity crowd, "You were born to win. You survived 40 million sperm!" Or by picking up the tempo to emphasize their message, telling a room full of young leaders, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary”.

Alas, it’s true! We usually don’t achieve optimum results when we attempt to tackle something new - let alone something as radical as sticking it to The Man – without the proper mindset.

But let’s get one thing very clear. Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff by making things very plain, with a little Motivation 101.

MOTIVATION is a set of forces that causes people to engage in one behavior over another. These forces - either needs or wants – are the starting point for any behavior. Although a need that is already satisfied (e.g. the need to maintain a certain standard of living) may also motivate behavior, unmet needs normally result in more intense feelings and behavioral changes. This is text book stuff actually (Organizational Behavior, Moorhead/Griffin, page 117), which means that if you’re really hungry for something you haven’t had before, you should have no problem getting it.

It’s really this simple: If you’re hungry, you’re going to eat! But what? You can either have McDonalds (what you’re eating now) or some Surf and Turf (what you really want to eat). Both will meet the ultimate goal but not in the same way. But the key really is how bad you want it?

If you can convince yourself that you want it badly enough that you’ll do whatever it takes to get it – spare yourself the unnecessary expense of getting ANY motivational program.

But get this: Wanting it badly enough means wanting to work for it! And that, in a nutshell is the problem with Ogres today. They want things to come easy, so they fall prey to anything that advertises quick, easy gains. That’s why you love that ATM and that credit card; because getting what you want is easy. That’s also why you’re a slave to credit, to fast food, to game-cheats – you name it! Because it’s easy.

Hear ye, Hear ye… The secret to any type of real accomplishment is hard work (sweat equity) coupled with ingenuity (creativity), follow-up (implementation), and more hard work (because you’ll likely fail on your first, or even fourth or fifth attempt).

But, again… you have to want it! And frankly, if someone has to convince you that you want it, need it, or are good enough to get it you might not really want it, need it….

Please understand: Getting ‘it’ boils down to how bad you want it. And that is the basis of any of these motivational programs. Because to get “it” means working yourself up so that you’re obsessing over “it”. You really have to develop a state of mind that becomes obsessed with the goal at hand. You need to have that burning desire to win / achieve. That is essential. Then you have to plan definite ways and means to acquire the goal and then back those plans with persistence that does not recognize failure. In other words, plan to work, then work, and keep working. Only then will you finally get it! Get it?

You don’t need any motivational speaker to tell you that in thirteen different ways.

If you really do get the concept that wealth takes doing something that might be harder than clicking a website link, you’ll be on your way to getting out of your current funk and into the same lifestyle that the Wall Street fat cats enjoy! And it’s not about the things/liabilities the money can buy, rather the freedom it lends.

Let’s be very clear about this: We need to be mindful of those things that constitute real, enduring riches. Whatever “it” is that you’re after, be sure you keep your priorities in check. I like the way Napoleon Hill and his Think & Grow Rich program (in either book or audio CD, it’s a program that I highly recommend) frames the issue of enduring riches like this.

According to Mr. Hill, these are the things (in order of importance) that make men and women truly rich:

1. Positive Mental Attitude
2. Sound physical health
3. Harmony in human relations
4. Freedom from fears
5. The hope of future achievement
6. The capacity for applied faith
7. Willingness to share blessings with others
8. To be engaged in a labor of Love
9. An open mind on all subjects toward all people
10. Complete self disciple
11. Wisdom with which to understand people
12. Financial Security

Note that financial security is listed last and a positive mental attitude tops the chart. This is true because if you have the foregoing 11 things, financial security becomes the corollary. I really believe that.

Ogres, please hear me. I strongly urge you NOT to fall into the trap of being seduced into purchasing another motivational program; make your last seminar the last.

People in this economy want to sell you on some great secret they have to achieving great wealth and the truth is that all you need, you already have! You might be missing some information (and capital, for sure) but the real main ingredients are… hard work (implementation) backed by persistence. In short, if you’re really hungry, you’ll get what you’re after (the information and the missing capital). All you need do, as Mr. Hill captured years ago is to THINK. Follow these steps:

1) Get a real clear picture in your head of what it is you want to do. 2) Meditate on it day and night and 3) Do what you know you have to do to get it, methodically (with careful precision) and deliberately work it every day. 4) Record your results and lessons learned and apply those lessons when you try again. Finally, keep trying.

It gets no easier than those five steps. You see, once you’ve convinced yourself that you want something so badly, the subconscious mind has no other alternative than to achieve it. Sound quirky and hokey? Maybe it is but it is EXACTLY what you will hear in one way or another when you subscribe to ANY one of these motivational programs and, since we’re captured all that here, save your money and keep reading these pages.

One final note: Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich is worth the money, in my opinion, because 1) it is quite good and 2) it’s the original. All these other programs, including “The Secret” are based on Hill’s work. But get it only if you really need the “kick in the pants” and, in that case, get it in audio CD so you can listen to it in your ride or favorite lounge chair. Time, after all, is money.

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