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Monday, January 18, 2010

Gambling and Investing in the Stock Market

No self respecting Ogre should ever play the lottery. Ever! Not even when it gets to 200 million gazillion dollars. Know why? Because of the odds. And they don’t get any better as the pool of money rises. You literally have a better chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime. Twice. As Opulent Ogres we commit to only gambling with our hard-earned money only whenever we can control the risk to a reasonable degree. The next time someone at the office tries to entice you to go in on the office pool, tell them you’ll bring in a paper bag tomorrow with 300 ping pong balls. Tell them that for a dollar a pop you’ll let everyone in the office try to get the only yellow ping pong ball in the bag (if they get froggy tell them you’ll put up $1000 dollars if they get it – trust me, the odds are in your favor). Then see if anyone takes you up on it. If they’re playing the lottery they should because you would be spotting them way better odds of winning anything. Quite simply, the lottery is a hidden tax on the stupid, err, overly optimistic. Sure, people do win and “you can’t win if you don’t play” but people also get struck by lightning and you can’t do that if you’re not outside in the rain. How often have you been outside in the rain? Ever been struck by lightning? Twice? Enough said.

Now on to something that’s a gamble to be sure but a gamble that’s well worth the risk. Investing. The truth is that The Man forces you to invest, even after you’ve made a substantial amount of money. Know why? Because if you don’t inflation eats it all up.
How many times have you heard of lottery winners or even NBA or NFL players going bankrupt? This happens because 1) they don’t control their spending and 2) they simply err in believing their money can grow by leaving it in the banks. Inflation is a MONSTER and it gobbles up huge amounts of money; that’s The Man’s plan. Our counter? Play The Man’s safest game at the table and that’s the stock market.

When you learn how to trade stocks you’re learning to manage the risk to acceptable levels (for you). The Ogre says: LEARN THIS GAME and play it. Just start by doing some Google searches on "Learning how to trade stocks". There will be tons of material for SALE but you can and should find basic learning material for free. And go to Vegas or buy groceries – do anything - with the money that you’ll save from NOT playing the lottery. If you're not inclined to learn for yourself for whatever reason, go with a program that'll do it for you! Click Here! After you've developed a thorough understanding of how trading works (either by learning on your own or by using a systematic, mathematical system), the ultimate power play now and for the foreseeable future is the Foreign Exchange, or FOREX, market. The key is just to start doing SOMETHING, anything. The Ogre implores you to please Get in The Fight!

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