“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Defining Real Opulence

This blog is all about thinking like an Opulent Ogre so we might one day live like Opulent Ogres.

This site, taken as a whole, should communicate a personal philosophy about what living opulently means. In short, for you impatient types, it means being responsible, honest and fair (to the extent that a Free Market economy will allow us), creative and ingenious, and above all proactive, humble, frugal and giving.

Real opulence means striking that perfectly subtle balance between building and sustaining wealth and developing a social consciousness. It’s about developing a sense of awareness that comes from reading, sure, but more from those ah-ha moments that we have along the way where you put two and two together. It’s not just about philanthropy or even offering your time or talents to any cause. It’s about teaching our fellow Ogre how to fish (where to go, what time of day is best, what to bring/wear and what tools to use to catch which fish) so that other Ogres might see and understand the complete picture instead of being fed fish.

But one must first drink milk and eat baby food before digesting prime rib so many of the ideas presented here will be practical ones initially... Drive less. Eat in more. Clip coupons. Be thrifty... Shop bargains. Do yard sales. Offer your special services to someone in exchange for theirs. Plug out electric devices that are seldom used. If it’s brown, flush it down; if it’s yellow let it mellow (hey, these are tough times, right)! Other ideas presented (and discussed in detail) extend to real-life, gut wrenching decisions, not just those of the overly mundane variety. Should we go to college? Enter the military? Go straight to work? Pay off our mortgages? Use the snowball/push or the interest method to pay debt?

As much information as there is/will be on this blog, The Ogre does not pretend to know it all. And the real value in presenting the information the way it’s presented here is that other Ogres in the struggle for opulence can post comments by sharing their own stories, either contesting or validating the information presented here. If you want to write about me (criticism or accolades) please Email me at OpulentOgre@gmail.com and only post comments about data relevant to specific blogs.

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