“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Think Tanks - a confluence of politics, culture influence, power and GREED

I've started to think about this... like, what the hell is a think tank? Why should I care and why do they matter?  Very interesting as I start down the rabbit hole.  Politics, culture, influence and, of course, money and power all intertwine.

Washington DC. Crony Capitalism at it's finest


The Perils of Groupthink!

Check it out... Interesting Read on Groupthink and Mass Phychology, Trickery, and decision making


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted for Gary Johnson

When my wife heard about my idea to stay home and cast my vote of ‘no confidence’ by shitting a brick and flushing the bathroom toilet from the convenience of my home, she gave me an earful. Yadda-yadda, how could you…. Yadda-yadda, people have died… yadda-yadda.

Needless to say, her message was received and, I voted… for Gary Johnson.  Not only was it the right decision to go out and vote, but I also feel like I made my vote count by voting for a worthy candidate. 

In 2008, I actually Believed in all the hype and all the bullshit talk about Hope and I ended up voting in this asshole,  even after he went along with the corrupt 700 billion dollar bailout (sponsoring  Corporate Welfare, Socialism for the Rich).  But, I thought, ‘Well, the guy has to get along to get elected but once in office he’ll show The Man his true colors.’ Boy did he ever!  

Anyway, I feel good about my vote this time around. No trepidation like in 2008 when I (and everybody else in America) fell for the Okey-doke banana in the tailpipe.

And at least others feel the same.  Check out this great piece I foundonline from a YOUNG VOTER who actually took the time to write these words: "Gary Johnson is the only candidate tackling important issues". Damn, that actually makes me very hopeful for America's future! My HOPE is that more and more people will actually come to see the light and that my boy Gary gets 6 percent or more of the popular vote! Until a significant percentage of the population actually stops to consider the real populist agenda and what both Democrats and Republicans have done to further the elitist agenda, it'll just be politics as usual. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Broken Government

60 Minutes just ran a piece they called The Broken Congress.  To watch it, go here.

It was a fairly honest piece from the Presstitutes  who asked some straight-forward questions that were expertly side-stepped by two of the biggest a-holes known to man – House Majority leader Harry Reid and his counterpart  -----. They didn’t answer a damned thing or offer up a single solution.
The simple answer to the question of why the Congress or Senate can’t get ONE MEANINGFUL THING accomplished is this:  Republicans and Democrats care more about votes and getting themselves elected than about actually accomplishing anything.
The simple truth is that this sham – this broken, pathetic excuse for government – is a he said, she said game that’s been played for far too long.
The thing of it is – PEOPLE JUST DON’T CARE.  They are not sufficiently outraged. So, the real problem is this:
1. Our government is failing us and has continued to fail us.
2. The broken government is part of a corrupt, self-serving system that caters to the real ruling class.
3. Americans are not sufficiently outraged or they simply don’t understand.
Now, what do we do?
From here on out, I’ll focus on solutions.  Let me lay out the groundwork for a business plan of sorts.
1.       1. There must be an education and outreach component to this effort.  It needs to be the kind of leaderless, grass-roots  people-movement like that seen from the Occupy crowd.  By the way, what the hell happened with that?
2.       2. This education/outreach effort should be expertly focused and honed to find and cultivate great new leaders… think a combination of Ghandi, MLK, Bob Marley, and JFK.  Peaceful, prudent, and thoughtful but fearless and daring.  Maybe this effort will produce a new-age savior – a NEO of sorts? Someone that might be able to really reach and inspire millions.  Someone that might be longing to swallow the red pill.
a.       Put together a reading list and a movie / media list for the would-be Philosopher King, kinda like the Kung-Fu training NEO went through in the Matix.
b.      Organize an ALL-OUT Blitz kinda like these presidential ads that run every other minute here in Virginia.  Use all available resources – Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else - to drive traffic to places and people that tell it like it is.
3.       3. A real revolution must take place. An organized revolution carefully thought out in painstaking detail.  And for this, we should look to our past – The American Revolution.  The very next thing 60 Minutes ran served some inspiration. It was a piece about historian David McCullough.
4.       4. More solutions are coming… this is only the beginning.  I know an audience is out there. I can feel them now.
I know they’re afraid.  They’re afraid of us (Independents, Libertarians, Occupiers, Tea Partyers, and other Whackos) and afraid of change.
I don't know the future. I’m not writing this to tell you how this is going to end. I’m telling you how this is going to begin.
I'm going to bed now.
And then I'm going to show these people what The Man don't want them to see.
I'm going to show them a new world.
A world without [bullshit] rules and controls (there will be regulation) and borders and boundaries (but no more Mexicans).
A world where anything is possible.
Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Stay Home, Don't Vote"

Einstein said it best: “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting
different results.”

Yet, 4 years later, things still FUBAR (technical term, look it up), and here we are about to repeat the same meaningless exercise.
On all the issues that matter – economy, foreign policy, defense, environment, education, etc,– the manner in which governments address them continues to provide proof for Einstein’s Theory of Insanity.

In just about a week, the electorate will vote for a representative of one of the two political parties. An analysis of what these parties have accomplished during their respective reigns reveals an unbroken
track record of failure … catastrophic FAILURE.

Thus, to vote for either presidential candidate and to expect something other than failure is, by definition, insanity.

I suspect that many people openly acknowledge they will be voting for the “lesser of two evils.”
How can people justify voting for an evil and actually believe that any good can come of it? Lesser or greater, evil is evil.

In America, it is an article of faith (drummed into our heads since childhood) that voting is a privilege and a duty and if you don’t vote you get what you deserve. Personally, I deserve better than a lesser of two evils and will not
demean myself by voting for one. Nor do I consider it a dereliction of duty. It is by not voting that I register my vote of “No Confidence.”

Not voting is not necessarily a sign of apathy; it’s a positive statement in repudiation of a failed and corrupt system. Only when enough people vote “No Confidence” can the system change. To perpetuate the same system and expect
different results is insanity.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crony Capitalism

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and President Obama speak at a GE plant in Schenectady, N.Y., on Jan. 21, 2011. Former Reagan administration official David Stockman, who is writing a book on the topic, calls Immelt the "poster boy for crony capitalism." Immelt, by the way, was appointed by Obama as the head of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

I Love America. Let’s not EVER get that twisted. But it sickens me that the interests of the rich and mega corporations are so thoroughly intertwined with the government agenda.  And let me be perfectly clear: the criticisms that I levy on this forum apply to the world stage, not just America.  This is a global, geo-political issue.

I wanted to post a link to this article because I found it particularly interesting.  Please take a look at it, but if you decide to skip it, here are the salient points:

Crony capitalism exists and it is thoroughly bipartisan.

The central role of government, in its current form, is to do whatever Wall St (read: The Man) asks.

Capitalism is dead.  Socialism for the rich is what’s in play. 

It’s all speculative. What I mean by this is that speculation / guesswork  is what drives the markets.  In the article, Stockman notes that in the future, had GE done things the right way “they would've been less likely to go back into this speculative mode of borrowing short and lending long.”  As they say: “scared money don’t make money”, which implies that playing it safe (saving in particular) is for losers. Here’s what we have to consider:  a company, which is ALWAYS in business to MAKE MONEY certainly has a responsibility to its shareholders (you and I) to make money (as a primary motive), but it also has a responsibility (because it bears the public trust to the extent that any company can be considered “too big to fail”) to be responsible.  Instead, speculation (and outright stupid and reckless behavior) on the part of corporate giants like GE and the governments’ complicity have led to this mess. Bottom line: speculation on the part of investors (you and I) should be encouraged. Speculation on the part of businesses should be regulated.  And instead of providing the necessary regulation, congress is lobbied, palms are greased, laws are passed, and tax regulation is enforced that encourages the recklessness and feeds the greed. 

David Stockman, a former Congressman, Reagan’s budget director, and an Investment banker, says it best:

“When we get to the point where the one triple-A, a multi-hundred-billion-dollar company gets to call up the secretary, issue the SOS sign and get $60 billion worth of guaranteed Federal Reserve and Treasury backup lines, then we are, you know, our system has been totally transformed. It is not a free market system. It is a system run by powerful, political and corporate forces."

The players will change, but the game remains the same. It doesn't matter which of the two men contesting for the White House is ultimately elected. The problem will remain that Wall Street will continue to wield disproportionate power in Washington and over the economy.

Big gains are privatized and big losses are socialized.  Our world.

Check out this website, which outs the particularly bad politicians www.AgainstCronyCapitalism.org and the recent Op-ed piece by University of Chicago economist Luigi Zingales, CronyCapitalism and the Crisis in the West.

The Money Manipulators

Mitt Romney says he’d label China a “Money Manipulator” from day one.

That’s funny!  Isn’t that the role the Central Banks play?

Are these corrupt banking cartels not manipulating currencies the world over? 

Indeed, governments around the world, not just our own, are controlled by these money manipulators.  
And instead of offering concrete ideas to counter China’s advantage, this crony capitalist – this king of industry whose reported net worth is over 250 million – he’s talking about fighting fair?!!

A 700 billion dollar tax-payer bailout to corporate giants – Socialism for the rich; was that fair? Americans losing their homes because of corrupt loan sharking – Corporate greed; is that fair? 

For some background information on just how unfair, corrupt, fraudulent, and manipulative go here, here, and then here.

But Obama, quick to quip about horses and bayonets, was curiously quiet here. Sure, Romney invested in companies that outsourced to China, but who hasn’t right? 

The fact of the matter is that any talk about playing fair needs to start with real money reform. Hell, let’s start with real money!  But that won’t ever happen with this corrupt 2 party-1 goal system of “democratic government”.  

Yet here we remain, with one guy asking us to Hope and the other to Believe.

//The Ogre